Jeff Schneidereit, founding Principal of S2 Architecture Inc., is an architect with more than 25 years of professional experience.

Born in southern California, Jeff started to draw as soon as he could hold a pencil, and build as soon as he could swing a hammer. Fascinated with art, science, and construction he knew that only architecture could satisfy these passions and he received a Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. Intent on keeping the learning process going, he interned at several firms in the San Francisco bay area to experience many project types and different approaches to architecture and completed his licensure requirements.

Soon after offering architectural services, Jeff obtained his general contractor license. Not only for the enjoyment of sweat and dirt combined with the satisfaction of experiencing the growth of a project, but also as a way to test and explore ideas that could be achieved without a bust of the budget. Just as new products and materials are developed, Jeff believes that an architect should explore how they can deliver a better and creative project in common with architects of the renaissance.

Jeff has designed homes across the United States. Prior to settling in San Luis Obispo County, he spent several years in Colorado working with logs, stone, and steel in the harsh environment at the continental divide. Now based in central California, Jeff works throughout California designing housing from affordable mult-family to exclusive custom homes as well as commercial office and retail buildings and complexes.

Education / Experience

Licenses & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Architecture, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - 1988
  • CA Architect - C-22524 - 1991
  • CA Contractor - B-724046 - 1996
  • LEED Accredited Professional - 2009


Design projects

  • Commercial / Office / Retail - 57
  • Worker / Affordable housing projects - 16
  • Multi-Family & mixed use projects - 26
  • Custom single family residences - 47

Construction / Development projects

  • Commercial / Office / Retail / Restaurants - 7
  • Single family residences - 12

Books & Papers

Works published

Living Lavishly Magazine: Design Adds Value (Value Added by Design), page 45, Tolosa Press

Dreamhomes of Coastal California, Panache

Haven Magazine: Sante Fe Comes to Paso Robles, Tribune

The Wave Theory (fiction), Longview Media Creations

Expert witness

Areas of expertise

  • ADA Compliance
  • Architectural Design: Codes, Planning and Site Design
  • Forensic Architecture
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Construction Disputes
  • Documents & Negligence